Skyline, the car which brought us the bright future.
The made in Japan Eau de toilette, which has the name of Skyline is born.

The scent of the code Skyline C110, "Skyline of Ken and Mary", revives the sweet memories of people who loved Skyline and built the good 70’s of Japan.

February 28th 2014, “Skyline C110 Eau de toilette” Debut

To the hommage of the 80th anniversary of Nissan Motor,
“Skyline C110 Eau de toilette and Original fragrance case”, the special hommarge set is ready to born.
Limited 80 set will be available from February 28th 2014.

Skyline C110 Eau de toilette

A carefully blended Eau de toilette with the odor component is about 8%.
It is calm and refreshing to use even in the car.
Spicy top notes with bergamot, coriander and cardamom.
Woody amber floral notes of the rose, jasmine, freesia in the middle.
And, the woody amber balsamic last notes.
More than just a scent, “Sacha Inche ssential oil” (Plukenetia Volubilis), native to the Amazon Rainforest of South America, and aroma lavender extract are blended in this “Eau de toilette of love”.
You can enjoy the right volume of fragrance, from everyday use to special occasion, even inside of the car as extravagant aroma mist.

Product Specification

[Product details]] Box Contains:20 ml eau de toilette spray
Product Dimensions:H 122mm x Diameter 26mm
Weight: 75 g
Box size: 135mm x 45 mm x 45 mm
Quality of the material: Container: Glass Cap, Pump: Plastic
[Price] JPY 6,000 +tax
[Ingredients] Ethanol, Spice, Water, Plukenetia Volubilis seed oil, glycerin, Lavandula Stoechas Extract, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamante, Tocopherol, CI 47005, CI 45100
[Manufacturing and selling agency] Rainbow beauty Co., Ltd
[Distributor] DMG4S Co., Ltd.: Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
[Country-of-manufacture] Japan

"Skyline C110 Eau de toilette" The episode of a scent.

Direction of the scent
The scent of the 4th generation of Skyline C110 was targeted.
Skyline C110 has two different characters, an image as a highly efficient sports car, on the other hand, a face as "the Skyline of Ken and Mary", a car for dating.

Seeking for the most desirable scent for Skyline, analyzed the fragrance all over the world.
Development progresses on the theme of the scent of an adult who is different from popular fragrance water to a young man.

The Japanese fragrance maker, perfumer, who has many experiences all over the world developed the original scent with the free inspiration and imagination.

Original organic-functions investigation is conducted several times.
Through the blind test, it turned out that the scent which a male likes, and the scent which 20~30th generation woman like have a big difference

Then we decided to make “Skyline C110 Eau de toilette unisex.
The scent of the maximum favorable impression both for the male and the woman was complete.

"Sacha Inche ssential oil" (Plukenetia Volubilis), and Aroma Lavender extract are blended to give the answer to "Eau de toilette of love".

"Sacha Inche ssential oil" is rich in Omega3 fatty acid, which is introduced in the cosmetics trade fair in France and captured the spotlight.
Aroma Lavender extract activates the secretion of beta endorphin, one of the nerve transmission chemicals brings happy feeling, especially, for the women in love.

As the first scent of Skyline series, now “Eau de toilette of love” is dedicated to “Ken and Mary”

The original fragrance case to protect eau de toilette

The aluminum shaving with highly precision processing and is a result like the racing part of a car. The high quality with pursued functionality, and an elaborate design was completed by the automatic parts supplier who took charge of development manufacture. The novel idea of wrapping a delicate eau de toilette in a case was realized in the original fragrance case which has a light blocking effect and solidity.

* Do not leave the case and eau de toilette in a car.
The case made from aluminum may be heated from sunlight, and may cause an unexpected problem.
A case does not promise the prevention from deterioration of a product.

Original fragrance case specification

[Specification] Size:hight140mm x diameter 32mm, Weight:100g, Material: Aluminum, Coloring alumite processing treatment white, blue, red, gun metal), urethane paint (white)
Teflon system lubricous coating, O ring (nitrile rubber), and rubber board (crude rubber)
Tricolore color ring blue, white and red
Product explanatory
* Sale of a fragrance case simple substance is not available.
[Country of manufacture] Japan Manufacture: FUJI SEIKI CO., LTD.

「“Skyline C110 Eau de toilette the 80th Anniversary Hommarge Set”
[Price]: JPY 18,000 +tax
Eau de toilette, Original case, Tricolore color ring(3 colors), Product explanatory, Original Skyline story book
A gun metallic color ring included only for the first 80 set.
Box size:264mm x 190mm x 52mm, Net weight;360g
* The 80th Anniversary Hommarge Set limited 80 set
* The second sales will be announced later.

The making story of fragrance case.

What is the most characteristic about Skyline?
The Excellent Design
It can be said that the attractive design of Skyline was one of the reason why Skyline could win the Grand Prix by the popularity vote of the car magazine for five consecutive years in the 70s.
Expressing the passion to a design was indispensable.

Atmosphere Conscious
If you spilt perfume in your car? It would kill your day, even it’s a good odor!
If you left an eau de toilette in your car, exposing under the sun, its quality will be lost immediately. Since alcohol is the main ingredients, an eau de toilette is a very delicate perfume. Worth of goods will be lost easily if it has been left the car exposing to the sun. Then rise the idea of fragrance case.

The maker who is manufacturing major parts, such as an engine of a car, was in charge of product development. It was unprecedented that an automotive parts supplier is involved in cosmetics development. Though it was the first challenge, the trial product of the aluminum shaving highly precise case was made. A high quality and functional beauty. After much trial production improvement was repeated for more than a year, the first fragrance case was introduced. The fragrance case with a sharp design and functionality never born by ordinary cosmetics development was realized by the motif in the Skyline. Just like the racing part of a car.

Beauty which pursued quality of the precision product, as an automotive parts supplier who got to know all aluminum materials. Case parts are divided into five, a case cap, a center, and three portions of a main part. All are aluminum shaving.

Case cap

The top of the case cap is a cave.
If it only seals, there is no necessity of opening the top.
The artisan for pressing down the weight of a cap.

After setting an eau de toilette to a case, it sees from the cap upper part, a main part appears.
Playfulness which used efficiently the transparent cap of quality maintenance of an eau de toilette.

トThe tricolore color ring

The logo mark of Nissan is designed in a motif. The time of the 70s of C110 skyline is a tricolore color. Blue, white, and red, national flag color? Let’s set aside the urban myth related to Nissan Motor, we wanted use 3 colors for the case. They were the request conditions to the manufacture from a product planning side.

It was satisfactory for blue and red making taking advantage of the beauty of an aluminum material. But white had difficulty in surely taking out a color finely. With some processes, the exclusive tool development for painting white was indispensable. In fact, many of development costs were spent for the white.

The improvement demand from Nissan Motor

In developing the eau de toilette using the brand of the Skyline, it has been checked severely by Nissan Motor for commercial production. The demand of the improvement issued about the case was to solve a fricative sound “Cu” with the main part of a ring which comes out when opening a cap.
It wouldn’t be an overstatement, that it was the cause of delay of development, to adjust this sound was the most challenging and took time most. In order to reduce sound, examination piled up at various angles.
Finally, special plating using nano technology was taken to complete the mission. The unvisible technology of Japan is protecting the ring transparently.

The passion of 0.2mm

The bottle of the eau de toilette is set to the main part of a case.
It will shake, if loose, and if tight, it will not enter.
The material of the bottle is glass, to keep the quality maintenance of the eau de toilette. Having considered permission of the molding tolerance of a product, adjustment of difficult size was repeated so many times.
A cosmetic container will hardly be made from an automotive parts supplier. In fact, the maker of the trustee was the first development company. I would like you to take a case in your own hand by all means. I believe that you can feel the made in Japan quality and sprit.
* Fragrance case factory : FUJI SEIKI CO., LTD. (Nishi-Tokyo)

This fragrance case is the product which was produced by DMG4S, and was developed by FUJI SEIKI CO., LTD. and “the professional of making work”. I say gratitude to To Whom It May Concern n from the bottom of my heart.

Nissan Motor celebrated the 80th anniversary of foundation in 2014.
World enterprise Nissan Motor representing Japan put Skyline on the market in 1957.
The name of the Skyline entitled as a name for the Japanese market from the company which bore the shining time of Japan. The name Skyline was known by all Japanese, was also a symbol of Japan which won the high growth of the miracle and became the 2nd economic magnitude in the world from Showa 30.

And 40 years after, the young man of those days became an adult who now knows good quality of Japan. What the adult can enjoy with a car?
The project of perfume development of Skyline started in the autumn of 2012 which enjoys a scent by car.
Development of the scent which used all the Skylines series as the motif started.

The dignity and functionality suitable for the name of Skyline are two.

1) A extreme of a scent : the scent in the sealed car. It is a scent in which a male and a woman can feel joy on the theme of "man and woman enjoy themselves."
2) Equal to use in the car: Avoid risk of container breakage and degradation by light in the car which is severe environment.

The project story

The development project of the eau de toilette of Skyline started in the autumn of 2012.
The eau de toilette what an adult can enjoy using in the car, the quality which can be accepted by the adult of the present time. As an hommage of the 80th anniversary of Nissan Motor, the eau de toilette development started with the motif of Skyline.

In the spring of 2013, the trial production of the scent was submitted to Nissan Motor, and recognition examination of a concept plan and commercial production started. Six months passed, and in autumn while unusual heat continued, the staff was beginning to give up the plan itself. Then in September, an approval was given from Nissan Motor.

From the person in charge engaged in development of an initial trial product, the conclusive confirmation of manufacture and the finalization of commercial production were taken over to the veteran of the cosmetics development who has a various career for more than 20 years in the cosmetics industry. He is well versed in the South Korean cosmetics which capture the spotlight in the world, and the adviser of the South Korean cosmetics company also takes the part taking advantage of cosmetics know-how of Japan. Commercialization was advanced by completely new stuffing and products were further refined.

The test of the durability of a scent, storage, etc. was examined carefully in six months in Nissan Motor. The scent of C110 was chosen from the samples which made for all Skyline model as the motif. Furthermore, odor materials and composition were improved aiming at the more highly complete scent, and also about selection of a container, everything was changed. There was no compromise which every detail was reproduced, the original eau de toilette imagining Skyline C110, "Skyline of Ken and Mary", was completed.

NISSAN Skyline C110

The 4th generation Skyline (C110) was sold from 1972 to 77. In addition to the success in the race and a highly efficient image of predecessor “Hakosuka”, C110 was introduced in September 1972*1, as a new style Skyline corresponding to the time when a safety feature and an environmental program were called for. The visitor of 1,430,000 people was recorded on the automobile show from next month*2. It became the legend car which caused the Skyline boom.

The series advertising which a young couple called Ken and Mary drives the whole country gave the soft impression to Skyline, and became popular with new image. The campaign, "Ken and Mary do not dump garbage. The trip of a car, bring garbage back home"*3, also called the attention of people, and also having increased the fan. The "blast-of-wind four eyes" round shape taillight, which became one of the characteristic design features of Skyline, was equipped for C110 for the first time (hardtop 2000GT etc.).
Five-year continuation Readers "Best Car" award ('70, '71, ’72, ’73, ’74, Motor Fan Magazine)
Two-year continuation popularity vote in synthesis section, the 1st-place" ('73, ’74, sponsored by Monthly Automobile Magazine)*4
’74 Car of the Year (Motor Fan Magazine)
Various Praises had been obtained with all car magazines. *5

Deeply impressed by the white mountain range and blue sky of North Alps. Wishing that everyone is moved by beautifulness of the car and feel familiar forever, it was named "Skyline". Described in the catalog.*6

"The fame of the Skyline was not built intentionally.
There is a true pile.
There is "myth" told from the mouth to the mouth." Also described in the catalog.*7

"The fame of the Skyline was not built intentionally.
There is a true pile.
There is "myth" told from the mouth to the mouth." Also described in the catalog.*7

The heritage collection site of Nissan Motor.
Search C110

*1 Nissan Motor Skyline 1600/1800 catalog *2, *3 SKYLINESHOWROOM No2 1600・1800 of Nissan Motor Skyline Sedan 1600/1800 catalog *4, *5, *6, *7 Nissan Motor Skyline 2000GT catalog